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Can massages help depression?

"As it turns out, the benefits of massage cross over from physical health to mental health. An analysis of many studies found that depression, anxiety, and ratings of stress improved with massage therapy.
This is significant because depression is not merely having a low or irritable mood. Depression is a multifaceted condition that includes problems with:
  • Poor sleep

  • Weight loss without trying to lose weight

  • Lower levels of energy

  • Lower interest in activities you used to enjoy

  • Feeling slowed down

  • Feeling high levels of guilt with low self-esteem

  • Thinking a lot about death

  • Reduced ability to think clearly and concentrate

It seems that massage can aid in improving all of these symptoms to alleviate overall depression. The best part is that massage is not associated with a high risk of side effects or unwanted results like some other treatments."

-Eric Patterson

Read the full article here.

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